Hochschule für Musik (University of Music), Nuremberg

The new areas entry, foyer, corridors, orchestra hall and cafeteria are key areas for the rededication of the building. The clef also is a symbol in music. In classical music it opens every note line. Therefore the bass clef was inspiration for the pendant luminaires in the foyer as a symbolic prelude for the orchestra hall.
Different light planes characterise the spatial structure: downlighters, integrated into the acoustic panels, extend into the stage. The back walls may be coloured lightened according to the theme of the performance.
Laterally tiny sparks of light flank the wall discs. Integrated into the inner court, the orchestra hall opens up to the daylight in the upper section. During evening hours, the slightly illuminated portals and the sand stone shine through the window band.


Robert Rechenauer

planning horizon and realisation:

ab Mai 2013