Realschule Rebdorf Eichstätt (secondary school)

The history of Rebdorf started in the 11th century as an Augustine monastery. Following the secularisation in the early 19th century it was a workhouse and refugee camp just until the Sacred Heart of Jesus congregation set it up as a boys school and residential school. Today the Archdiocese of Eichstätt owns the school. The secondary school for boys is completed by a secondary school for girls.

The baroque complex has 220 meters lenght and clings to the Altmühl river at its western end. Currently another slender building is being errected in the inner court, accomodating administration, faculty room, canteen and cafeteria.
The inner space, the court, should be sounded via light. The flooring which keeps a distance comparable to a carpet, sets the edge for the rims of light.
Access roads, passages and the creation of extensive and more intimate areas give natural orientation.

A comfortable welcome quality is being generated. The new building retains its transparency. A dialogue with the historical buildings may occur. The structure of the light elements in the ceilings classifys the building according to its thematic areas.


Diözesanbauamt Eichstätt

planning horizon and realisation:

2012 - 2018


Julia Dittloff, Florian Kempe