University Mozarteum, Salzburg - Austria

The restucturing of the area results in an outlet of the building towards the city. The concept of the urbanistic integration of the Mozarteum is being underlined by a suitable illumination. Even from afar the illuminated light cube of the new building draws every attention. Together with the historic building it creates an impressive courtyard. Gleaming light lines in the window soffits of the old building form a guiding way for the concertgoer to the main entrance. Light passages emphasize the change over to the new foyer. There the visitors are put into the right mood for the concert with the help of modularly adjustable light isles. The huge glass facade of the new building in combination with the integrative lighting solution creates an impressive stage backdrop viewable from both inside and outside facing the Mönchsberg.


Robert Rechenauer, München

planning horizon and realisation:

08/2003 - 10/2006