Helmholtz Conference Center Munich

Helmholtz Center Munich is getting a new center of communication for the daily transfer of knowledge as well as for national and international events. For this purpose, the existing radiation hall will be carefully converted.

The glass lecture room and the high foyer are in direct visual contact. The lighting concept underlines the transparency of the building: the uniformly structured arrangement of the luminaires in the lecture room dissolves into an amorphous design in the foyer. The foyer as a covered piazza is visible from afar and invites visitors to enter and communicate. Vertical surfaces highlighted by light delimit the rooms. With an appropriate control system, a visual limitation or extension of the spatial feeling can be created. The conference room as well as the outdoor space can be included in breaks between lectures or evening events, for example, depending on the requirements, recede into the background.


Helmholtz Center Munich


H2M Architekten, München

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Gabriele Allendorf, Felix Bartenbach, Maria Recker