Kettenbrücke (bridge), Bamberg, 2. price

The svelted swinging suspension bridge is underlined by its very precious material - tombac. viewable from affar the tombac canvas glows from affar by integrated LED without glaring.
Onto the bridge consitently general lighting with quality of stay is obtained by slight stela with axially symmetrically radiation and fading raster. In bollards integrated LED supplementary define the bicycle lane and border between purely pedestrian area. A LED-line in hand rail frames both sides of the bridge.
In the natural stone wall integrated luminairs suggest secureness to the passerby at gateways and stairs.
This freestone wall is glimmed consistently from below by an installed LED-Line in bottom direktly beside the wall edge.This lighting has an infirior standing to the bridge-lighting.


Obermeyer Planen & Beraten GmbH, München

competition period:

08/2006 – 11/2006