Diözesanes Zentrum Sankt Nikolaus, Limburg an der Lahn

The Diocesan Centre Saint Nicholas is being built at the Domberg hill and in direct neighbourhood to the famous Dome of Limburg. A historic natural stone wall spans the property. The gateway is being flanked by a frame house built in the 16th century on the one side and a house built in the 18th century on the other side. The east-west oriented estate with a little chapel maintains a dialogue with the Dome of Limburg.
The light concept reflects the east-west orientation. All rooms are luminated in an integrated light reduced to the minimum which makes them places of clarity and silence.


Bischöflicher Stuhl


BLFP Frielinghaus Architekten

planning horizon and realisation:

seit 11/2010


Florian Kempe, Regine Oel, Alexander Hölzl