Die Abendzeitung, Munich

The light installation in foyer - a metaphor of media as a concurrent mirror image in present that is overwrited permanently and rapidly - demonstrated a endless reflection of a frozen moment. In editorial office pool where all informations converge direct-indirect lighting by coved lighting along floating ceiling panels and high quality floor lamps accomplished a comfortable basic intensity. The corridors are stepped by distinctive light gates. Conference room and cafeteria are defined by rectangle light floating ceiling panels.
In courtyards dark wooden terrace arise out of imaginary water courses - turquoise granulated glass. Sreens out of bamboo some plants and granulated glass are gently accentuated.
The integrative lighting design succeed in a state of tension between rest and action, economy and optical elegance, understatement and adress generation.


MOM Mall of Munich Beteiligungs GmbH, Objekt Hopfenpost AG, Verlag Die Abendzeitung


AB Hoffmann Amtsberg, München

planning horizon and realisation:

03/2008 - 09/2008