roche, penzberg

Roche is a well-known healthcare company that is active in the field of research in genetics. The illustration of the sequential DNA provides the basis for the light design draft of this project. The foyer impresses with light stripes that illuminate the structure of the ceiling in a dynamic way. In the Casino and in the Cafeteria several light groups combine to recessed fields at the ceiling and therewith create an animated impression. Further elements of the DNA stripe structure may be found in the lobby areas on the upper floors. The application of a vertical adaption of the theme on the staircase wall implies a vertical opening of the building. In the conference room there are several downlights and a light band along the wall that may all be controlled directly due to the respective utilization of the room. The offices can be flexibly illuminated with the help of floor lamps and direct as well as indirect elements. The walls in the hallways take effect by a slight illumination with a light ribbon.


KSP Engel und Zimmermann Architekten, München

planning horizon and realisation:

12/2004 - 02/2007