medent, Munich

Tabellaria flocculosa: This luminously rectangles that nearly remind of luminaires are tiny in water floating diatoms. Only thousandth part of a milimeter small they appear in different shapes: star-shaped, tubular, elliptical, and so on. The reservoired in lakes and rivers with a high quality of water. The river Isar in Munich achieved such a waterquality and the diatom Tabellaria flocculosa prospers well. As presumably smallest module of phytoplankton food chain whith building of strings it remains just under the water surface to reproduce by photosynthesis. If the string gets to long and unflexible in the floating water the string will split up and a new one will be generated.This communicative prozess appearing in microcosm stands pictographical for cooperation in a company and its success.


Medent GmbH, München

planning horizon and realisation:

05/2006 - 07/2008