BMW Group Classic

Since their founding in 1916, the headquarter of Bayerische Motorenwerke - BMW – is situated in the Bavarian state capital Munich. For its centennial anniversary, the original founding site was reclaimed at the corner of Frankfurter Ring/Lerchenauer Street, to create a special kind of institution: an exclusive restoration and service studio for BMW Classic Cars.

»I wanted to create a varied light scene, from the specific to the abstract,« explains Gabriele Allendorf. Starting with an "arc of light" from solid-color LED light bulbs as welcome and farewell greetings at the main entrance, passing through an in-between-light effect from the gate to the halls, to a very special installation inside the BMW Classic Café.

»The light experience should just be like the spray that is generated behind a car when it is driving through the rain« says the designer. And further on: »the wind tunnel, in which BMW tests its cars, was my starting point: my goal was to communicate the dynamics inside, as the interplay of forces of movements, over the light«.

The project was awarded with the Facade Prize of the City of Munich 2017, the Automotive Brand Contest 2019 and the German Design Award 2020.


Christoph Stepan
Andreas Bohlender (BMW AG)