stadtsparkasse am thomas-wimmer-ring 1, münchen

At revitalisation of the administrative building at Isartor the special regard was to exterior appearance.
So the lighting of arcades was designed like a reflection of the city stream with its course right there till the end of the 18th century. The mood of light is changing depanding on times of day - analog to imaginary light reflection on water surface.
The dilated entrande is accentuated by a 'treasur wall' - like a safe wall of lighting in warm yellow-green-shades.
Staircase and corridor are designed by lightgaps that ilumminate walls and ceilings by direct and indirect lighting.
The minimalistic concept is accentuated by one sited lightslots in the office corridors. The inspection covers demands a special attention: They were replaced by a bright luminous LED panel.


Stadtsparkasse, München


Rainer Fuchs, München

planning horizon and realisation:

01/2008 - 05/2009